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08/26/2015  Karli Faith Blackburn












Best all around people we have met while being stationed in New Jersey, they have the passion that we do about giving our pooches healthy, yummy treats. We purchased a cake for our Boxer's first birthday from these guys and she LOVED every bite. More recently, one of the owners Grace had accidentally over looked a message I had sent regarding an order for our other doggy Todd's birthday. She handled the situation flawlessly, and professionally. We didn't think much of it at all, but she graciously sent a care package this week to our pups & we appreciate it more than they know. Lily & Todd are super excited too, so that's always a plus.

Thanks again guys, you are the best!




6/14/2015 Steve McNees





Thank you for taking the time to let me know about those treats!  All I know is that Martina was crazy about them.

*(our note - this is about Apple/Chicken Bites)




06/17/15 Stacy Petroni


Treats are amazing peanut and her sister  cinnamon love them!

Thank you so much, Stacy Petroni 




05/26/15 Larissa O'Donnel

Ralphie & Finnie are loving their cookies!



02/18/15  Karli Faith Blackburn

Lilys_Birthday                   Lilys_Birthday2    Video of Lily enjoying her Birthday Pupcake.


Lily loved her pupcake! Thank you so much! It made her birthday!




01/7/15 Tracey Kelley *****


My dogs - Leela & Rascal loved these treats, which I purchased from you at a Burlington County Animal Shelter Event!!!




12/25/14 Wendy Callahan




Client sent us a picture of her babies enjoying Christmas Biscuits purchased at GGC Healthy Paws.



12/09/14 Jessica Suto*****


Wonderful compassionate owners. Having a dog with severe food allergies, and not being able to enjoy most treats like other dogs, can have these. Enjoys them so much and excited now when she can have a treat!!!





11/04/14 Claire Caruso *****




Just received our first order of dog biscuits (cheese and bacon flavored), decorated biscuits and cupcakes for Houston's birthday and he loves them!! He is the first dog I have ever had that was picky about treats but he loves these. This will not be our last order. Thank you so much! Also, the packaging was amazing! Your product and service is amazing. I thank Gabe to the Rescue for recommending your products.




8/22/14 Steve McNees *****




Thank you very much. My girl is hooked, and I am relieved I got her off those Chicken Jerky's from China! It was a little hard, but we did it. Thanks again.




06/01/14 Jericho's Wish Animal Rescue *****


Homemade doggie cookies that support a great cause (The Burlington County Animal Shelter). This is a family owned business that has a passion for helping animals. They have two gorgeous German Shepherds. Yep, I wanted to bring them home with me lol.




05/25/14 Nicki & Zoe



Nicki and Zoe eating Roxy's favorite biscuits. They got them as a Christmas gift and been a huge fan of them ever since.




05/20/14 Janet Gross-Ramos *****


I noticed my furbabies bellies were turning a dark purple color. I took them to the vet and she said that it is from their diet. I stopped giving them store bought treats and only give them treats from GGC Healthy Paws. Within 2 weeks their bellies were nice & pink!! Thank you GGC Healthy Paws for caring about our furbabies ♥




04/23/14 Lori Genstein *****


Incredible Company and Excellent Product!!! Healthy, grain-free, gluten-free treats… freshly made, easy-to-read labels provide ingredients and nutritional content, superior customer service, and a caring owner that gives back by tremendously supporting homeless animals!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU, GRACE, AND GGC HEALTHY PAWS!!!!!!



04/10/14  Jennifer Minard *****


Very friendly owners, they put a lot of love in their products because they care about the health of your pets. My dogs love all of their products.



12/28/13 Nicole Pietrowski


Thank you for the discount! Bertha loves her treats.




12/18/13 Richard McCarthy *****


My brother-in-law gave us a bag of Roxy’s Favorite Biscuits and our black lab just loved them.Thanks for making a healthy and tasty product for my dog to enjoy.






12/01/13 Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter


Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who showed up today to make sure that every dog and cat in the shelter got to spend some time with Santa and his helpers. I am sure each one whispered to Santa what they wanted for Xmas, A NEW HOME!!!. We will be posting the pictures out soon. Thank you to Shoprite in Cinnaminson for cookies for the humans and GGC Healthy Paws LLC for donating cookies for the dogs and brought a nice donation. Check out their website. They will donate a % of each share to the shelter.